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We are a complete eWaste solution service at no cost or fees to you. We offer pick up – removal from your location and certified disposal. You call and we do the rest. Most pick up services go to the same state certified recycler to process ewaste items or resell your product, why would you pay? We are paid with the funds collected from Sb-20 Sb-50 California state recycling program that are fees paid by the consumer up front when purchasing new screens also dell charged customers up front a fee for recycling their computers. Which means you already paid. Since 2003 we been serving California businesses for free. We were the 1st to offer free pick up & removal for businesses in Southern California and 16 years later we offer our service still for free and all major California cities are covered. From San Diego-Los Angeles-San Jose-Stockton-Sacramento-Vacaville-Redding

Including our complimentary on-site hard drive destruction service.

  • Businesses – Non Profits – Military – Sea Vessels
  • Hospitals – Medical Offices – Pet Hospitals
  • Schools – Public & Private
  • Municipalities – Correctional – Property Rooms
  • Now offering to residential customers, must meet the min to qualify.

All e-waste (computer and computer related only) items must be separated not mixed with other non e-waste items, we are a removal service for eWaste only. For our first time customers there is a 3 item minimum to qualify for a free pick up. Consisting of 3 Computers or 3 Servers or 3 Laptops or 3 tablets or a mix of any of the following qualifies as 3 items.( appliances are not items or eWaste )
If you are a returning customer or referral no cost or fees.

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Note- If after a appointment is set and items are changed or removed at time of pick up without prior notice, our crew has the right to refuse the job. All items have to be computer and computer related. If you have any questions please call.