Data Destruction

Our onsite hard drive destruction is free for all California businesses and non residential customers. To qualify for our free service, we have the following requirements. If your company has e-waste and hard drives, there is no minimum and below does not apply.

Hard Drives only.

* If your company is 50 miles or less from any of our locations.

  • There is a 5 hard drive minimum (no limit over 5)

* If up to 100 miles away

  •  There is 50 hard drive minimum (no limit over 50)

* If over 100+miles away

  •  There is 200 hard drive minimum (no limit over 200)

Drives must be removed prior to arrival:

  1. Drives are barcode scanned for serial numbers.
  2. Each drive is destroyed onsite.
  3. A print out of the serial numbers will be provided to you.
  4. All drives are taken back to a state certified recycling plant where the drives are rescanned and then shredded.
  5. Once completed, a certified certificate of destruction, including each serial number, is printed and sent to you. Process to complete is only 7 business days.

All at no cost or fees.

If your company does not have the minimum to qualify, we offer our service anywhere in California for a nominal fee.

If you have any questions, please call.  We are happy to help. Call or TEXT 916-889-0784